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If you are interested in immigrating to Yukon, Manax Immigration Service can support you with entering the province as a worker.  You are eligible to apply for the Yukon Nominee Program

 (YPN) from outside or within Canada.  There are two criteria to meet for this program:

·         You must have a year-round, full-time offer of employment from an established Yukon employer

·         Meet the criteria of the application stream

In addition to the above criteria, there are several streams including:

·         Express Entry

·         Critical Impact Worker

·         Skilled Worker

·         Yukon Community Program

Yukon has a rich-history and breathtaking topography. If you are interested in the YNP, Manax Immigration Services is here to support you and work through the application process.

Kindly book a consultation for more information Yukon Nominee Program

 (YPN) application process or assistance in preparing an application.


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