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British Columbia (B.C.) is one of the most attractive places to settle, work, and build a life in Canada. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) allows foreign nationals with highly demanded skills and experience to secure permanent residence in B.C.

The BC PNP offers 3 paths to secure permanent residency.  The paths are:

·         Skills Immigration for skilled and semi-skilled workers in high-demand areas

·         Express Entry BC that is managed by the federal economic immigration program

·         Entrepreneur Immigration

In addition to the streams, BC PNP Tech allows B.C. to expedite the processing of immigration candidates for certain technology roles.

Each of these paths contains different categories depending on your National Occupational Classification skill, job status, or enrollment as an international student.

B.C. is situated between the Rocky Mountains and truly is a dream location, and our Canada Team can help make your dream a reality. Manax Immigration Services and its expert team can support you with the BC PNP requirements and help you register and apply for the BC PNP. Contact us today to begin your exciting journey.

Kindly book a consultation for more information about the British Columbia PNP application process or assistance in preparing an application.


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