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New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream (NBPNP) is New Brunswick's economic immigration program.  You are invited to apply if you possess the necessary education, skills, and work experience.  Candidates must meet the minimum criteria to apply including having an offer of employment from a New Brunswick Employer, and the desire to live and work full-time in the province.

The NBPNP requires that you are Permanent Residency (PR) Ready.  This means that you qualify for the program and have all of the supporting documentation on hand.  While this amount of paperwork may be overwhelming, Manax Immigration Services can prepare you to be PR Ready.

Under the NBPNP, candidates can qualify through one of the streams:

·         NB Skilled Worker stream

·         NB Express Entry stream

·         NB Business Immigration stream

·         NB Strategic Initiative stream

If you are interested in discovering more about the NBPNP, contact Manax Immigration Services and our expert team can help you.

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