Quebec Issues 512 Invitations Targeting 21 Jobs In First Canada Immigration Draw Of 2022

31 Jan, 2022


Quebec Immigration has conducted its first draw of 2022 through the Arrima Expression of Interest system, issuing invitations to 512 candidates.

The January 13 draw required a minimum score of 602 in the Quebec Expression of Interest points system.  A maximum of 1,320 points are available.

The draw targeted candidates with skills and experience in one of 21 National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes.

Occupations Targeted In Jan 13 Quebec Arrima Draw

NOC codeOccupations
0213IT systems managers
2147Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
2171IT analysts and consultants
2172Database analysts and data administrators
2173Software engineers and designers
2174Computer programmers and interactive media developers
2175Web designers and developers
2241Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians
2281Computer network technicians
2282User Support Agents
2283Computer systems assessors
3012Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses
3233Practical nurses
3413Caregivers/Aids and Beneficiary Attendants
4031Secondary school teachers
4032Primary and preschool teachers
4214Early childhood educators and assistants
5131Producers, directors, choreographers and related personnel
5223Graphic design technicians
5241Graphic designers and illustrators
6221Technical Sales Specialists – Wholesale

Candidates receiving an invitation have 60 days to submit a full application to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Quebec Expression Of Interest Draws 2022

Date of invitationsInvites IssuedMinimum ScoreDate of extraction from Arrima bank
Jan 13, 2021512602Jan 9, 2022 at 6.30am

How Does Quebec Expression of Interest Work?

1. Candidates submit an online expression of interest profile via Arrima.

2. Profiles enter into an Expression of Interest pool, where they are ranked against each other using a points system and are valid for 12-months.

3. The highest-ranking candidates are invited to apply for a Quebec Certificate of Selection under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program via periodic draws.

4. Candidates receiving an invitation have 60 days to submit a full application.

5. Approved candidates who receive a nomination certificate (CSQ) may then apply to the federal government for Canadian permanent residence.

Quebec Expression of Interest Points System


The Quebec Expression of interest points system is used to rank profiles submitted via Arrima to the Expression of Interest bank, with the highest-ranked profiles invited to apply for Quebec immigration under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. 

Candidates and their spouse or common-law partner can score up to 1,320 points based on human capital and Quebec labour market factors.

What Are the Requirements for Quebec Expression of Interest?

The Quebec Expression of Interest points system involves points in two categories, with some including points for the spouse of common law partner of the principal candidate.


  • Human capital factors:

French language ability.

French and English combined.


Work experience.



  • Quebec labour market factors:

Work experience in a field with a labour shortage.  

Qualifications in one of Quebec’s areas of training.

Level of Quebec education.

Professional experience in Quebec. 

Professional experience in the rest of Canada.

  • Job offer inside or outside Greater Montreal.

Quebec publishes lists of High Demand Occupation and Areas of Training that weigh considerably in the assessment.


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