Green Light Canada Announces English Test-Free Immigration Opportunity.

29 Dec, 2021


A Canadian immigration service provider, Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd., is offering a unique test-free immigration process for foreigners to integrate into Canadian society.

A Canadian immigration service provider, Green Light Canada Global Mobility Solutions Ltd., is offering a unique test-free immigration process for foreigners to integrate into Canadian society. Generally, applying for immigration requires several English or French tests, which could be barriers for immigrants who are not proficient in either one of these two official languages of Canada. Even applicants from English-speaking countries often find such tests challenging to take.

However, with the growing interest in Canada, immigrants are increasingly seeking help from Green Light Canada. “We’ve discovered that many newcomers don’t know that English tests are no longer required to settle in Canada,” a spokesman for the immigration service stated. “To help them make the correct decision, we have set out to inform them on the available immigration pathways.”

According to Green Light Canada, an English-free path is now available for immigrants who want to live, work, and school in Canada. The program will give an extra boost to immigrants by providing applications without language requirements. The company affirms that one viable way to migrate to Canada successfully is to receive a job offer from a Canadian employer with documentation proving that the applicant’s language skills are up to the standards required for the job and not necessarily fluent.

Provincial immigration programmes are another option for completing the immigration process without having to meet severe language requirements. This necessitates either a genuine employment offer from a company in a province or job experience in a sought-after industry in that province. In addition, Green Light Canada has compiled a comprehensive list of companies and agencies that offer employment to eligible applicants. Upon acceptance into a position, the immigration service assists in processing a work permit.

In many provinces, applicants with employment offers or work experience may qualify for provincial nominations, which could also help with a PR application. Using the expertise of Green Light Canada, candidates can develop successful strategies to immigrate to Canada based on individual backgrounds and circumstances. But not every applicant fits this category. Thus, such individuals may take a bold step by obtaining a tourist visa.

Studying full-time and taking language courses provide an effective way to obtain an immigration permit without the language test. At this time, a candidate can secure permanent residency. Green Light Canada’s comprehensive pre-immigration assessment may lay the foundation for successful immigration, regardless of which option an applicant prefers. The company provides certified consultants who are skilled and knowledgeable about giving the client a winning application.

About Green Light Canada

Green Light Canada is an international immigration consultancy firm situated on Steeles Avenue West, Concord, Ontario. The company specializes in Canada work and study permits, business immigration, provincial nominee programs, visitor visas, Ontario immigrant nominee programs, family and spousal sponsorship, and express entry.

With a team of certified and experienced immigration consultants, the company analyses a candidate’s eligibility thoroughly. Free evaluation reports, in-depth consultations, and individualised application help are also available to interested applicants.

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